De Culpa Sonoris - Mittelfest 2019

De culpa sonoris

Sunday, July 14, 2019
Museo Archelogico Nazionale Cividale del Friuli Italy

Scenic action of instrumental theater for cello solo

Michele Marco Rossi

music by di Pasquale Corrado, Filippo Perocco, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Sergej Prokifiev, Paolo Aralla / Michele Marco Rossi

female voice Cinzia de Carolis

production Mittelfest 2019

music, prima assoluta

Duration: 80'


Part I

Pasquale Corrado High Light Night II - (2019)

Chanson (14th century)

Filippo Perocco Esili canti d'attesa

Fabio Cifariello Ciardi Piccoli studi sul potere

Sergej Prokofiev Sonata op. 134 Part II

Paolo Aralla / Michele Marco Rossi De Culpa Sonoris (2019) action for cello and electronic music on Macbeth

Michele Marco Rossi returns to Mittelfest, after the enthusiasm generated by his cello in the past edition. With De culpa sonoris he proposes a solo concert to delve into the most profound meanings of the concepts of "guilt" and "power", two cardinal points for western humanity, because they perfectly sum up the experience of the individual in his relationship with himself and with others. When a sense of guilt grows within ourselves, it is destined to balloon into something that involves others as well: a tension to dominate other people's sense of guilt, or the aspiration to liberation through absolution. Contemporary man walks the fine line between power and guilt, that interact at different levels, from the family to the State.

The programme of De culpa sonoris, an event produced by Mittelfest, is divided in two parts that deal with these two extremes. The first investigates the various forms of power inside famous speeches by great men, in the dynamics of knightly love, in the musical and human experience of great composers who lived under dictatorships, up to the advent of Woodstock (at its 50th anniversary) with its utopian ambition and vital push for rebellion. The second part is made up of the instrumental theater piece that gives its name to the whole programme and investigates the realm of guilt. Sounds become amplifications of inner feelings, theater gestures and electronic music represent the dynamics of our everyday experience of guilt as self-punishment and the punishment of others, both physical and mental alike. The inspiration for this project is Macbeth and his ruminations on guilt, mediated by the words and sounds of lesser characters gravitating around his figure.

Michele Marco Rossi is regarded by many as the successor of Giovanni Sollima. He was acclaimed by the critics at the Venice Music Biennale in 2017 as a unique musician and creator on the international scene of new music, in spite of his young age.

Michele Marco Rossi, born in 1989, has already performed more than one hundred worldwide and national first executions of new music. With a vast repertoire of solo, ensemble, and chamber roles he has taken part in the creation of new works written by composers from all over the world, contributing to expanding the musical repertoire of our time. Since his solo debut at the 61st Venice Biennale, he has brought to the stage a new and strong theatrical dimension along with his instrumental skills: vocal music, an unusual repertoire of instrumental theater, transcriptions, performative reinterpretations are only some of the aspects that characterize his concert repertoire, covering more than 500 years of music and constantly expanding.

Some of the most important Italian names have a written for him new music for cello including Ivan Fedele, Alessandro Solbiati, Filippo Perocco, Fabio Cifariello Ciardi, Pasquale Corrado, Maurilio Cacciatore, in the context of his world tour as a solo performer in the most prestigious venues worldwide. He is engaged in a particularly intense collaboration with Ivan Fedele. In 2018 Michele Marco Rossi debuts as a solo artist in Darmstadt, where he is invited to play in the framework of the historical Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik. A monographic record on Lucia Ronchetti is released by Kairos to which he participates as a soloist along with Ensemble Intercontemporain.

Always inclined towards experimentation and the research of new repertoires, techniques, artistic and instrumental possibilities, he is also engaged in ancient music projects with original instruments, avant-garde theatre collaborations as co-author, and every year he designs new programmes with new original ideas.

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